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Playing with a gorgeous woman!

Playing with a gorgeous woman!

I have said it before, I love my profession. Who wouldn’t, I get to take pictures on a daily basis. I photograph portraits of people and this includes new born children all the way to the elderly. What do all of my clients have in common…other than me as their photographer of choice…nothing and everything. Every single person I photograph is different, it is my duty to make each client look unique to themselves, to bring out their character and to put emphasis on who they are. Not an easy task, but then I never wanted to be a cookie cutter photographer. How do I do this? How do I make my client relax, have fun, laugh, cry? I practice, just like in every professional sport, every profession, everything that you do to make you a superstar at one thing, practice. Practice makes perfect. I am just blessed, as I am married to the person I think is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am cursed as this most beautiful woman in the world hates me taking her photo, why you ask? because I am practicing what doesn’t work, what does work and she sees the beautiful images and the, “not so beautiful”, images. I have to say thank you to her for allowing me to practice, so that I can bring out the beauty in everyone! Thanks Sarbear.

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