About Frank Michael

I was born and raised in LaSalle, Ontario…it’s kind of like Puce…but larger now.

I have been studying and practising photography my entire life…well, maybe not for the first few years – but all the years after that. I married the most beautiful woman in the world and to this day, she keeps my photography romantic, passionate, artistic and fun. If I’m not having Fun and being Creative, then I’ll go back to my Corporate America job and continue to hire Automotive Engineers for all of the OEM’s. That is not going to happen. But I bet you Joe could use me now…LOL! By the way, Joe is also my Lighting Guy, Friend and assistant! He still works for corporate.

I have never found a hobby or interest, (other than my beautiful wife), that keeps me driving forward, continually challenges me, and allows me to express my artistic side, like portrait and wedding photography.

I have studied photography at the University of Windsor while I obtained a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I mentored under Robert Cybulski, at a local Professional childrens photography Studio. Bob taught me so much. As well, I believe I have attended almost every photography related workshop from here to Las Vegas and Toronto – always trying to learn more. I think it’s my need to figure everything out. I have over 18yrs of photography experience. During the last 4 years, I left Corporate America, did I mention I am not going back? in order to open my own photography portrait Studio.

I specialize in capturing expressions, emotions, character traits, that others may miss. I focus my creative efforts on Portraiture, (Weddings, Families, Kids, Pets and Models), mind you I have photographed Doctors, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Presidents and CEO’s. Maybe one day I can shoot a Rockstar…wait…did that two or more times!

Recent Clients:

CHUM Radio – AM800, Madison Dental – Dr. Mady, Windsor Laser Eye Institute – Dr. Tayfour, Genius In-Motion – James Towle, Hospice of Windsor (Official Photographer), Goliger’s TravelPlus – all Staff, Target Building Supply – all Staff, Windsor Life Magazine, the list is growing….call me if you want to be included! 96.7 The Mix  (Blackburn Radio) has been added to my list, so has Family Home Improvements! Keep ’em coming.

PS: Did I mention I love running barefoot through the local trails in LaSalle with…….did he say barefoot? Yes, barefoot through the local trails with my 2 awesome dogs – Zoe, a 4 year old designer mutt (Weim & Retriever mix), and Monty, our 2 year old Great Dane puppy. Hopefully we will see you out there. Stop us and say hello.

Years ago I discovered a God given ability to see the beauty in people and in their relationships. This translates into photographs you can feel, not just look at!